More performance from your warehousing activity?

Costo develops tailor made solutions for storage, transport and orderpicking


COSTO = Materials Handling + Storage

We have more than 20 years’ experience with designing, producing and delivering systems for transportation and storage. From basic roller conveyors until completely automated warehouses.

You can always expect a tailor made project.

Do you want to speed up the process of order picking? A better utilization of your storage area? To sort goods automatically? We can help you.

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Dangerous batteries?

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Dangerous batteries?

10-2016 In logistics we use all kind of tools to improve the performance of the warehouse. Could the batteries used be a risk like with the Samsung Note 7?

Logistics are the key to successful e-commerce

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Logistics are the key to successful e-commerce

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How to control your stock

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How to control your stock

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Your wishes are the starting point in developing (semi-) automated solutions for storing, transporting and sorting goods in distribution centres and warehouses.

After our first thorough analyses our R&D department will start designing and developing the most effective solution. We will work close with you and in a step-by-step process we will work towards the end result. Thanks to our lean organization and dedicated project managers we move quick from design to realization.

We build both turn-key projects as well as extensions of existing installations.

Costo keeps the whole process under her wings:

  • Analysis
  • Engineering and design
  • Controls and IT development
  • Production
  • Testing and installation
  • Service and maintenance

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Unfold your challenge to us! We are more than happy to brainstorm with you.

A few of our clients

Costo has helped these companies to improve their logistics.